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Verein INAYA Basel
Konto: 15-809915-6
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 1580 9915 6 4054 Basel
In solidarity with refugee women and genderqueer people
INAYA Basel is a locally-organised structure supporting refugee women and (gender)queer people. Its aim is to offer practical solidarity through direct action. One priority is a redistribution of needed money from those who have enough to those who have too little. In this way, basic needs are to be covered securely and long-term. For refugee women and genderqueer people, existing support structures are non-existent or difficult to access. That's why: INAYA!
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Die Titelseite und zwei Kalenderbl├Ątter des Inaya Soli-Kalenders

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19.11.22 Soli Tatoo im Nine Circle
16.12.22 Solifest im Humbug Basel